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“It was with a great reluctance, and much discussion, the Wisconsin Senior Games’ board of directors has decided to CANCEL the 2020 games originally scheduled for this June.
The current uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic, and when this virus will be brought under control and a return to normal occurs, led to this conclusion.
Our main concern is the safety and health of our participants. We look forward to 2021! Stay well. Thank you — Reggie”
Reggie Hennessey, President
Wisconsin Senior Games

<March 15, 2020>
Swimming events will be held June 5th his year. This changes the 2020 Wisconsin Senior Games dates to June 5th through June 20th.

<March 15, 2020>
Results for prior years now live again. You can now find the 2019 Results.

<March 8, 2020>
Registration books are scheduled to be mailed on the first week of April. Event information is first released at the end of March every year and posted here.
Wisconsin Senior Games website was not accessible recently as we updated. Let us know if you have any problems with web pages and email us at wsginfo@wiseniorgames.org

<September 13, 2019> On September 10, Wisconsin Senior Games welcomed new board members Jan Uselmann and Deb Holt.
Date for the 2020 games will be from June 6-20. Please add this date to your calendar for fun and games with your friends and family.

<July 11, 2019> Photos from 2019 games now posted on PHOTO GALLERY.

Web page is not displaying all 14 pages of photo’s, and when clicking on some pages, you get a message “PAGE NOT FOUND.” Just click on browser arrow to go back one page and try again. It will then show your selection. Sorry for any inconvenience, we will try to resolve this minor bug.

<June 9, 2019>
Bowling (partial) and Swimming results are posted.

<June 9, 2019> 2019 results are now posted under the EVENTS menu at WSG website.

<June 8, 2019>
Sheepshead and Track results are posted.

<June 3, 2019>
Opening Day of the Wisconsin Senior Games at Track and Field Events; competitive, exciting, and new friendships!  Seniors and their friends and families celebrated the athletic achievements of participants. Many thanks to all who made this day successful. — Sandy, WSG board member

Results will be posted soon under the EVENTS menu for 2019.

<May 28, 2019>
Badminton is cancelled for the 2019 year.

<May 21, 2019>
Disregard starting times, arrive at 12:30 promptly at the swim meet and you will receive what order you will be swimming. The first swimming event will start at 1:00 PM.

<April 26, 2019> A Correction has been made for Track and Field. There is no “fee at event” (however, there is still a fee collected at registration time). Correction has been made to forms on the Event Schedule and Registration Form found as pdf’s on this web site.

<April 9, 2019> 2019 Online Registration is now open.

<April 3, 2019> Registration book posted on EVENTS with updated information about Requirements and Rules, Specific Games Requirements, Event Chairpersons, Site Locations, Forms and Board of Directors.

<March 26, 2019> Game schedules are being updated. Meanwhile, two pdf files with information about the 2019 games are available in EVENTS

<March 15, 2019>
Wisconsin Senior Games
June 1-15, 2019

Registration books will be mailed on the first of April

mail-in registration deadline is May 17

On-line registration begins after April 1st, ends May 24th

Less Recent Items:

<October 15, 2018> Games for 2019 are scheduled for June 1st-15th.

<July 11, 2018>Selected photos of this year’s event are posted on Photo Gallery.

<Jun 4, 2018>Reggie is looking for volunteers to help with pickle ball. Call Reggie as soon as you can, games are scheduled for Saturday June 9, 9am at:

Hitters Sportsplex
3170 Deming Way
Middleton, WI

Reggie Hennessey, President
Wisconsin Senior Games
800-234-4181 ext821

<Jun 4, 2018>Results posted for horseshoes.

<Jun 3, 2018>Results posted for track and field. The 800m results will not be available until about 7 days from now.

<Jun 1, 2018>Badminton is now canceled.

<May 25, 2018>Online Registration is still Open until May 26th 9AM. Extended registration: Track and Field (until June 1), Swimming (until June 6), Bowling (until June 3), Coed Volleyball (until June 13), and Table Tennis (until June 5).

<May 22, 2018>Track & Field: Please note that there is one site fee per person regardless of the number of T&F events you enter. When you register online, you will see that to be the case. For the mail-in registration, please regard “one site fee per event” as “one site fee per sport”.

<May 10, 2018> More information about Tennis posted by Dennis, event chairperson on Tennis Event. Please arrive to Powless Tennis Center by 10 am for sign-in, On-site fee of $5 per 75 min of court time for all tennis events.

<May 7, 2018> Reggie and Ramona tell Adam about the Summer games on WISC-TV3. Mail in registration deadline May 18th.

<April 2, 2018>Information about the 2018 games posted on website under EVENTS.  New webpage about Specific Event Requirements has been added.

<March 29, 2018>Information and registration forms about the 2018 WSG posted as pdf’s on Events.

<Mar 27, 2018> 2018 Online Registration is now open. Mail-in registration will be following within a week from now.

<Dec 13, 2017>Welcome to new board member Don Wolf. Emy Imhoff resigns from board and joins Honoree Members list.

<Sept 18, 2017> Wisconsin Senior Games annual board elections held on September 12 2017.

Previous Board members were re-elected and Mark Hanson is new Vice-President. Bill Brophy resigns. Welcome to the new members Wayne Stalling and Ginny Yamada. Board of Directors

Next year will be the 35th anniversary of the Wisconsin Senior Games. A medal celebrating this occasion has been approved. The games for next year will be held on June 2nd  – 16th, 2018.

<July 12, 2017> Linda Bolles resigns WSG board. Many thanks to Linda for her contribution! New board member Sandy Stallings joins the WSG board. The board greatly acknowledges the help from volunteers and Event Chairpersons for making this year’s games a success. Any suggestions for improving games or noting what works well are welcomed. Contact your Event Chairperson or Board Member.

<June 10, 2017> Results for the Wisconsin Senior Games are being posted as soon as they come in. Many thanks to all the Event Chairpersons for their help. Post your photo’s of your event on our Facebook page.

<June 4, 2017> Tennis online registration remains open until June 9th.

<April 12, 2017> There is a correction to the registration form event list concerning #39 and #40. Events were wrong and correction is that #39 is Golf-9 holes and #40 is Bowling at Dream Lanes.

WSG would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Corrected registration form is now available for you to download at EVENTS.

<March 30, 2017>2017 Individual and Team Events web pages and pdf documents are now available for viewing on the Wisconsin Senior Games website. Other individual pdf documents include: General Requirements and Rules, 2017 Event Chairpersons, Site Locations, Event Schedule, Registration Form, and Team Registration Form. EVENTS

<March 28 2017> 2017 Mail-in Registration (updated April 12 2017) is now available electronically and is being distributed this week via mail.

<March 28 2017> 2017 Annual Book (updated April 12th) is now available electronically and is being distributed this week via mail.

<March 28 2017> Online Registration is Now Open.

<March 25 2017> This year’s registration book will mail out next week. The electronic version will soon be available online. Online registration will open March 28th 2017.

<January 13 2017> This year’s registration book will feature all color ads at no extra cost to advertisers. Books are scheduled for distribution and mailing for the end of March.

Wisconsin Senior Game’s welcomes new board member, Linda Bowles.

<November 15, 2016> We have now posted the rest of the 2016 photos (again, a large thanks to Pam for taking most of these photos and also thanks to our event chairpersons). Photos you have not seen yet: the entire set of 2016 photos exist at another site (1200+ photos). You can still find select photo’s of games taken by Pam Hennessey which are posted in the Photo Gallery. We will continue to keep select photos in that area of the website.

<October 19, 2016> Dates for next year’s games have been set. Put this on your calendar: June 3-17 2017 for the next Wisconsin Senior Games.

<June 27, 2016> Games were successful thanks to all who participated and those that volunteered their time. Selected photo’s of games taken by Pam Hennessey are posted in the Photo Gallery.

<June 10, 2016> Results for the Wisconsin Senior Games are being posted as soon as they come in. Many thanks to all the Event Chairpersons for their help. Post your photo’s of your event on our Facebook page.

<March 28,2016> Information for the 2016 Individual and Team Events has been posted. See Events menu and select Individual or Team Events.

<March 27, 2016> PDF documents for the 2016 games: Go to EVENTS web page for copies of 2016 registration book or individual pages of book, (i.e., Site Locations, Event Chairpersons, etc.) Also included are pages for Individual and Team registration forms.

Deadline for mail-in of Registration form is May 14.

On-line registration will be available soon. Deadline for on-line registration is May 21.

<March 22, 2016> Tom Berg resigns WSG board. Bob Slinde of Greater Madison Senior Softball meets with WSG board in March. A PDF document for all the events will be posted on the Wisconsin Senior Games website once that page is formatted.

<Feb 15, 2016> The board of the Wisconsin Senior Games wishes to express their thanks to Janet Adams, former board member, for her contribution to the Wisconsin Senior Games.

<Dec 23 2015> Posted Wisconsin Senior Games Bylaws (WSG bylaws_Nov10 2009 ) and Organization Chart  (WSG Organization Chart 12-8-15 )  PDF documents, on Board of Directors web page.

<Nov 12 2015>Highlight of November 2015 board meeting:
Emy Inhoff discussed draft of WSG Organizational Chart and board was animated in discussing how it flows with Bill Brophie emphasizing the participants and reason WSG exist and Janet Adams suggesting ways we must inform community of the games.

As in previous discussions: The Board acknowledges the contribution Event Chairpersons give every year to the success of the games and are looking into how they can be supported.

<Oct 14 2015> The Wisconsin Senior Games held it’s annual board elections and elected the following board members to it’s executive board. Reggie Hennessey, Bob Frambs and Ann Nord were unanimously re-elected to previous positions. Emy Imhoff stepped down from her position as treasure and Jack Sorenson is elected treasurer for this year.

Emy has been treasurer of the WSG for over eleven years and feels it is time for someone new to this position. The Wiscosnin Senior Games Board is grateful for Emy’s loyal stewardship and welcomes her continuing support as a member of the board. She has also been an active participant of the games and looks forward for more fun and games.

Welcome Tom Berg as new board member and active participant of our games.

[July 17, 2015] Bob’s bowling pictures have been posted to the Photo Gallery. Most of the game results have been posted.

[June 18, 2015] The tennis events were, for the most part, rained out last week.  Tennis events have been rescheduled for Thurs & Fri (June 18 & 19).
Dennis Dowd

Go to our Facebook page and see Wii Bowling participants: “What an incredible day we had at the Wisconsin Senior Games this year.  And what an incredible day Bill Buchanan had, he scored four 300 GAMES and one 279 game!!!  (it’s true, I saw it with my own eyes!).  We had 17 participants and five TV/Wii Stations going at one time.  It was pretty cool to see all of the exceptional talent in one room!” – Diane Goldensoph, Program Coordinator at Waunakee Senior Center

[June 12, 2015] Games results are now being loaded concurrently to the 2015 games results web page and Athens to Atlantis website . If you have photo’s of an event you can post on our Facebook page and let us know a little bit about the picture.

[June 11, 2015] Game results for No. 12 Bowling at Badger Bowl, No. 14 8-Ball Pool at Pitcher’s Pub and No. 24 Bowling at Schwoeglers have been posted. Stay tuned as we gather more game results!
Results are posted here: Athens to Atlantis website

[May 15, 2015] Keith Bidne has agreed to take over the 3 on 3 basketball for Reggie this year. Deadline for on-line registration has been extended to May 28.

[April 14, 2015] 2015 Games information available in Events and Register in pdf documents; Registration Form, Team Registration Form, and other information such as WSG 2015_book, event chairpersons list, 2015_requirements and rules, Site Locations, and event schedule.

[April 4, 2015] On line Registration is now available at this link:  http://www.athenstoatlantis.com/Events/200237/

[April 4, 2015] Due to technical problems, online registration has been delayed and will be open April 4th 2015 by 4:00PM

[April 3, 2015] Event 43 update:  We have a site for slow pitch softball and it’s the Bowling Green Softball Complex.  The address is 7625 Lisa Ln, Middleton, WI. Updates have been added to the website and to registration book.

[April 2, 2015] Online registration will open April 1st and the registration books will be in the mail in early April.

[March 17, 2015] Updated Events and added dates for Bean Bag Toss, Horseshoe and Pickleball.

[March 13, 2015] New site for Wii Bowling this year. Waunakee Senior Center will be sponsor this year. Thanks to Chris Nye for first hosting the games at the Verona Senior Center in the past.

[March 7, 2015] Added events for games: Table Tennis, Basketball Skills and 3×3 Basketball, Pool: 8-ball, Volleyball: Men and Women, and Eucher dates.

[February 18, 2015] Schedules for the 2015 games are starting to come in and will be posted as dates are set. Posted three events today: Dart Ball, Sheepshead and Bowling.

[January 14 2015] A big welcome to St. Mary’s/GoldenCare as our first official sponsor-partner ever.

[October 27th 2014] Wisconsin Senior Games welcomes new board members Dennis Dowd and Ann Nord on October board meeting.

[June 29th 2014] See the article and video from “Senior Beat” by Madison cable channel by going to our Facebook Page

[June 23rd 2014] Find WSG 2014 Picture Postings Here

[June 6th 2014] Find WSG 2014 Results Postings Here (updated daily since Fri June 6th…all completed on Sun June 15th)

[May 2014] Important Notice: Coed Volleyball is Cancelled due to lack of participation.

[May 2014] Important Notice: Pickleball has new locations and times for Wed June 4th (details here).