Updated March 26, 2019

(Schedules are being updated. Meanwhile, two pdf files with information about the 2019 games available in EVENTS)

Please arrive to Powless Tennis Center by 10 am for sign-in, payment of on-site fee, and instructions for the event.

Matches will start at 10:30am and the event(s) will conclude by 1pm but this depends on number of participants. The match format will be Best of 8 games with no-add serving.  If a match is tied at 4-4, one more game will be played to determine the winner.  If high number of participants, brackets will be set up based on age and/or skill level.  If low number of participants, a round robin will be played.

Dennis Dowd

Powless Tennis Center
801 Struck Street
Madison, WI

On-site fee of $5 per 75 min of court time for all tennis events.


Thursday,  June 6th

Event no. 18
Tennis-Doubles (Women)

10:30 AM

Event no. 19
Tennis-Doubles (Men)
10:30 AM


Friday,   June 7th

Event no. 23   
Tennis-Mixed Doubles
10:30 AM