2016 Results

2016 WI Senior Games results.

The top 3 people in each age group are shown below. Additional 2016 results and results for prior years are also available at another site.

As results become available, they will be listed below each event.

Event #1-Skeet

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldCindy R AlbrightF25F50+
21st - GoldTom J AlbrightM42M50-59
31st - GoldJerry BlevinsM38M60-69
42nd - SilverRon MabieM35M60-69
53rd - BronzeGeorge S MarinoM34M60-69
61st - GoldJames E. QualeM42M70+
72nd - SilverTom M. AndersonM31M70+
83rd - BronzeThomas J LundeM26M70+


Event #2-Trap

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldRose E. TiedtF43F50+
22nd - SilverAnn T KastenF40F50+
33rd - BronzeCindy R AlbrightF29F50+
41st - GoldTom RowleyM48M50-59
52nd - SilverGary MillM47M50-59
63rd - BronzeTom J AlbrightM42M50-59
71st - GoldKurt KuehlM47M60-64
82nd - SilverJerry BlevinsM45M60-64
93rd - BronzeGeorge S MarinoM35M60-64
101st - GoldHolly R. MansonM47M65-69
112nd - SilverDavid H. HarveyM44M65-69
123rd - BronzeRon MabieM43M65-69
131st - GoldCarl A. TiedtM47M70-75
142nd - SilverDavid C SamsonM46M70-75
153rd - BronzeTom M. AndersonM42M70-75
161st - GoldEd F AckleyM42...24M76+
172nd - SilverJames E. QualeM42...19M76+


Event #3-Track – 50 Meter Dash

#PlaceNameGenderTimeAge Range
11st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF12.330F60-64
21st - GoldDoris J ForbesF15.520F85-89
31st - GoldSherrick G AndersonM7.320M50-54
42nd - SilverAndrew H KessenichM7.380M50-54
51st - GoldRandal J St. LouisM7.760M55-59
61st - GoldRobert ZahnM7.350M60-64
72nd - SilverTom R BergM7.770M60-64
83rd - BronzeMichael J BerndtM7.870M60-64
91st - GoldPeter J RiewerM7.910M65-69
102nd - SilverJerry E. ThornsenM8.480M65-69
113rd - BronzeBrian HendricksonM8.580M65-69
121st - GoldJames F TlustyM8.640M70-74
132nd - SilverWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M10.140M70-74
141st - GoldElroy A RasmussenM9.420M75-79
152nd - SilverGunter MalikM10.400M75-79
163rd - BronzeDave D ArndtM14.700M75-79
171st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM16.620M80-84
181st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM11.000M85-89


Event #4-Track – 100 Meter Dash

#PlaceNameGenderTimeAge Range
11st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF25.390F60-64
21st - GoldDoris J ForbesF33.540F85-89
31st - GoldTaylor E. AmbroseM14.190M55-59
42nd - SilverRandal J St. LouisM14.810M55-59
51st - GoldRobert ZahnM14.820M60-64
62nd - SilverTom R BergM15.200M60-64
73rd - BronzeRandy GerkeM16.370M60-64
81st - GoldPeter J RiewerM16.080M65-69
92nd - SilverNeal Ralph SchusterM16.900M65-69
103rd - BronzeMarvin P RippM17.380M65-69
111st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M19.280M70-74
122nd - SilverTerrence C ConstantM20.710M70-74
131st - GoldElroy A RasmussenM19.470M75-79
142nd - SilverGunter MalikM20.940M75-79
153rd - BronzeDave D ArndtM21.430M75-79
161st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM33.700M80-84
171st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM24.250M85-89


Event #5-Track – 200 Meter Dash

#PlaceNameGenderTimeAge Range
11st - GoldSherrick G AndersonM30.730M50-54
21st - GoldTaylor E. AmbroseM29.500M55-59
32nd - SilverRandal J St. LouisM35.340M55-59
41st - GoldTom R BergM31.700M60-64
52nd - SilverMichael J BerndtM34.430M60-64
63rd - BronzeRandy GerkeM37.660M60-64
71st - GoldPeter J RiewerM35.000M65-69
82nd - SilverMarvin P RippM37.310M65-69
93rd - BronzeBrian HendricksonM38.760M65-69
101st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M47.080M70-74
112nd - SilverTerrence C ConstantM56.880M70-74
121st - GoldGunter MalikM1:01.750M75-79
132nd - SilverJohn C. SchultzM1:18.760M75-79
141st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM1:43.810M80-84
151st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM1:04.300M85-89


Event #6-Track – 800 Meter Race Walk

#PlaceNameGenderTimeAge Range
11st - GoldTom R BergM4:23.990M60-64
22nd - SilverRandolph (randy) E. CharlesM5:38.710M60-64
33rd - BronzeMichael J BerndtM5:58.240M60-64
41st - GoldMarvin P RippM7:27.000M65-69
51st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M5:33.820M70-74
61st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM7:17.960M75-79
71st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM9:26.080M80-84


Event #7-Field – Discus

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJill SmithF49ft 2inF55-59
21st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF38ft 5inF60-64
31st - GoldPaula G SmithF10ft 2inF80-84
41st - GoldDoris J ForbesF21ft 7inF85-89
51st - GoldMark A. WarnerM132ft 8inM60-64
62nd - SilverRobert ZahnM107ft 8inM60-64
73rd - BronzeMichael J BerndtM85ft 0inM60-64
81st - GoldMarvin P RippM91ft 2inM65-69
92nd - SilverNeal Ralph SchusterM77ft 5inM65-69
103rd - BronzeBrian HendricksonM64ft 1inM65-69
111st - GoldThomas CharkowskiM93ft 11inM70-74
122nd - SilverRobert H BerningerM83ft 7inM70-74
133rd - BronzeWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M77ft 1inM70-74
141st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM56ft 8inM75-79
151st - GoldBob Mc CoidM60ft 4inM75-79(PA)
161st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM38ft 5inM80-84
171st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM53ft 10inM85-89


Event #8-Field – Softball Throw

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF48ft 11inF60-64
21st - GoldPaula G SmithF18ft 7inF80-84
31st - GoldDoris J ForbesF38ft 4inF85-89
41st - GoldMichael J BerndtM162ft 0inM60-64
52nd - SilverTom R BergM147ft 3ftM60-64
63rd - BronzeRandolph (randy) E. CharlesM125ft 0inM60-64
71st - GoldJerry E. ThornsenM172ft 6inM65-69
82nd - SilverMarvin P RippM132ft 10inM65-69
93rd - BronzeBrian HendricksonM124ft 6inM65-69
101st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M109ft 10inM70-74
112nd - SilverRobert H BerningerM104ft 4inM70-74
123rd - BronzeTerrence C ConstantM96ft 3inM70-74
131st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM72ft 3inM75-79
141st - GoldBob Mc CoidM84ft 11inM75-79(PA)
151st - GoldDonald F LangeM66ft 5inM80-84
161st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM59ft 5inM85-89


Event #9-Field – Standing Long Jump

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJill SmithF5ft 7inF55-59
21st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF3ft 5.75inF60-64
31st - GoldDoris J ForbesF2ft 3.25inF85-89
41st - GoldSherrick G AndersonM7ft 6inM50-54
51st - GoldRandal J St. LouisM8ft 0inM55-59
61st - GoldRobert ZahnM7ft 11.5inM60-64
72nd - SilverMichael J BerndtM6ft 9.5inM60-64
83rd - BronzeRandy GerkeM6ft 8.25inM60-64
91st - GoldBrian HendricksonM6ft 3inM65-69
102nd - SilverMarvin P RippM5ft 10.5inM65-69
113rd - BronzeNeal Ralph SchusterM5ft 3inM65-69
121st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M6ft 7inM70-74
132nd - SilverRobert H BerningerM5ft 6inM70-74
143rd - BronzeTerrence C ConstantM4ft 9.5inM70-74
151st - GoldElroy A RasmussenM5ft 11inM75-79
162nd - SilverJohn C. SchultzM2ft 9inM75-79
172nd - SilverBob Mc CoidM3ft 4inM75-79(PA)
181st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM4ft 11inM85-89


Event #10-Field – Shot Put

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJill SmithF23ft 2.5inF55-59
21st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF16ft 11.75inF60-64
31st - GoldPaula G SmithF10ft 8.25inF80-84
41st - GoldDoris J ForbesF14ft 5inF85-89
51st - GoldSherrick G AndersonM26ft 8.5inM50-54
61st - GoldScott D SmithM25ft 7inM55-59
71st - GoldMark A. WarnerM40ft 0.5inM60-64
82nd - SilverRobert ZahnM31ft 6.5inM60-64
93rd - BronzeThomas R LorfeldM28ft 1inM60-64
101st - GoldMarvin P RippM25ft 11.5inM65-69
112nd - SilverBrian HendricksonM19ft 1inM65-69
123rd - BronzeNeal Ralph SchusterM18ft 1inM65-69
131st - GoldRobert H BerningerM31ft 1inM70-74
142nd - SilverWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M29ft 9.25inM70-74
153rd - BronzeThomas CharkowskiM27ft 5inM70-74
161st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM21ft 8inM75-79
171st - GoldBob Mc CoidM22ft 8inM75-79(PA)
181st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM20ft 5.5inM80-84
191st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM22ft 0.75inM85-89


Event #11-Field – Turbo Javelin Throw

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJill SmithF41ft 4inF55-59
21st - GoldSandra Marlene ObrienF38ft 3inF60-64
31st - GoldDoris J ForbesF24ft 4inF85-89
41st - GoldScott D SmithM66ft 0inM55-59
51st - GoldMichael J BerndtM70ft 0inM60-64
62nd - SilverTom R BergM63ft 3inM60-64
73rd - BronzeThomas R LorfeldM43ft 1inM60-64
81st - GoldMarvin P RippM83ft 5inM65-69
92nd - SilverNeal Ralph SchusterM81ft 0inM65-69
101st - GoldWilliam G Woehrle, Jr.M74ft 5inM70-74
112nd - SilverThomas CharkowskiM66ft 5inM70-74
123rd - BronzeGeorge M AlexanderM50ft 6inM70-74
131st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM53ft 1inM75-79
141st - GoldBob Mc CoidM65ft 6inM75-79(PA)
151st - GoldDonald HoeppnerM40ft 2inM85-89


Event #12-Cards Cribbage

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldWilbert (will) G. Ferry Jr.
22nd - SilverDavid A Hicks
33rd - BronzeGeorgia B. Ascher


Event #13-Bowling – Badger Bowl, Madison

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldCarol A. BecraftF561F65-69
21st - GoldJo Ann Hoffman-mayF585F70-74
31st - GoldJoyce BeranekF613F75-79
41st - GoldEmy ImhoffF705F85&up
51st - GoldTony PenaM693M50-54
61st - GoldDavid D. CarterM656M60-64
71st - GoldRobert G. EvelandM587M65-69
82nd - SilverLarry BeranekM539M65-69
91st - GoldRussell W. CraneM558M70-74
101st - GoldFloyd C. BecraftM637M75-79
112nd - SilverBob A FrambsM615M75-79
121st - GoldJohn Qa SmithM604M80-84


Event #14-8-ball Pool

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldKathryn (kay) M. HuppelerFF50+
22nd - SilverRuth J BogartFF50+
31st - GoldAl McCredieMM60-69
42nd - SilverLyle W. HariedMM60-69
53rd - BronzeRay E BeutlerMM60-69
61st - GoldPat L HallMM70-74
72nd - SilverGeorge E. CondonMM70-74
83rd - BronzeWilliam R WilsonMM70-74
91st - GoldRoger HamanMM75+
102nd - SilverPhilip F MathisonMM75+
113rd - BronzeJames H StellhornMM75+


Event #15-Cards Euchre – Stoughton Senior Center

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJoyce I Nigbor
22nd - SilverJack Zirngible
33rd - BronzeMary A Rowetie
43rd - BronzeMary A. Woodburntie


Event #16-Dartball

#PlaceNameTeam NameAge Range
11st - GoldThomas (tom) R. FischerGold TeamMF56-76
21st - GoldRandy J. SundeGold TeamMF56-76
31st - GoldBarbara A. BaumgartnerGold TeamMF56-76
41st - GoldLeroy J. SchumacherGold TeamMF56-76
51st - GoldGerard P. PehlerGold TeamMF56-76
61st - GoldJohn D BonineGold TeamMF56-76
71st - GoldGerald (gerry) J. HaglundGold TeamMF56-76
82nd - SilverDonald A. SchultzSilver TeamMF54-86
92nd - SilverDave DybdahlSilver TeamMF54-86
102nd - SilverRaymond C. HaefnerSilver TeamMF54-86
112nd - SilverBrian D. PetersonSilver TeamMF54-86
122nd - SilverBrian G. DebakerSilver TeamMF54-86
132nd - SilverSusan GrinderSilver TeamMF54-86
142nd - SilverMaynard G. StoehrSilver TeamMF54-86


Event #17-Pickleball Singles (Men)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldGregg C FergusMM50-64
22nd - SilverMark Steven GerhardtMM50-64
33rd - BronzeGregory RayMM50-64
41st - GoldJim BidlingmaierMM65+
52nd - SilverGregory J StrozinskyMM65+
63rd - BronzePatrick BuzzaMM65+


Event #18-Pickleball Singles (Women)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJudy M MirrFF50+


Event #19-Pickleball Doubles (Men)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldRobert LehmanMGold DuetteM50-64
21st - GoldRick A SchworckMGold DuetteM50-64
32nd - SilverLarry ApkerMSilver DuetteM50-64
42nd - SilverRich A KinkadeMSilver DuetteM50-64
53rd - BronzeGregory RayMBronze DuetteM50-64
63rd - BronzeJim BronsonMBronze DuetteM50-64
71st - GoldKent HarrisonMGold DuetteM65+
81st - GoldBob FryMGold DuetteM65+
92nd - SilverGregory A WroblewskiMSilver DuetteM65+
102nd - SilverPatrick BuzzaMSilver DuetteM65+
113rd - BronzeDavid L. SchollmeierMBronze DuetteM65+
123rd - BronzePaul A. LewisMBronze DuetteM65+


Event #20-Pickleball Doubles (Women)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldPam A DelliseFGold DuetteF50-64
21st - GoldJane F. CoenenFGold DuetteF50-64
32nd - SilverJudy M MirrFSilver DuetteF50-64
42nd - SilverWendy Sue GilsonFSilver DuetteF50-64
53rd - BronzeCaroline MccourtFBronze DuetteF50-64
63rd - BronzeSharon M KolbFBronze DuetteF50-64
71st - GoldLyndon (lynnie) S ClemensFGold DuetteF65+
81st - GoldKaren L. JergFGold DuetteF65+
92nd - SilverSharon K MasonFSilver DuetteF65+
102nd - SilverJill BidlingmaierFSilver DuetteF65+
113rd - BronzeLynn M. KnakFBronze DuetteF65+
123rd - BronzeCarleen A HarashaFBronze DuetteF65+


Event #21-Pickleball Mixed Doubles

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJane F. CoenenGold Duette50-64
21st - GoldPaul GravesGold Duette50-64
32nd - SilverPam A DelliseSilver Duette50-64
42nd - SilverJohn PatrickusSilver Duette50-64
53rd - BronzeRick A SchworckBronze Duette50-64
63rd - BronzeKris K CareyBronze Duette50-64
71st - GoldWarren F LuehringGold Duette65+
81st - GoldKaren L. JergGold Duette65+
92nd - SilverMimi I ThiedeSilver Duette65+
102nd - SilverPatrick BuzzaSilver Duette65+
113rd - BronzeCarleen A HarashaBronze Duette65+
123rd - BronzeThomas R ArnoldBronze Duette65+


Event #22-Table Tennis

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldMary WaitrovichF62-69
22nd - SilverSherry AckermanF62-69
33rd - BronzeKathy MoriarityF62-69
41st - GoldJane M GreischarF69-80+
52nd - SilverVelma J. BurkeF69-80+
63rd - BronzeDiana M StrzokF69-80+
71st - GoldRick J DunnM53-67
82nd - SilverHoward L WagnerM53-67
93rd - BronzeLee G MaddoxM53-67
101st - GoldMichael G NelsonM68-72
112nd - SilverRick L KolbM68-72
123rd - BronzeTom ReidM68-72
131st - GoldDonald F. WinzeM73-77
142nd - SilverLawrence A. HynekM73-77
153rd - BronzeJerry P RobertsonM73-77
161st - GoldWilliam(bill) W. SmithM78+
172nd - SilverRobert Allen MortensenM78+
183rd - BronzeDon SingerM78+


Event #23-Cards Euchre – Waunakee Senior Center

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldDon Grubb66
22nd - SilverBonita R. Bruce64
32nd - SilverBonnie Bruce64
42nd - SilverLee Grubb64
52nd - SilverLee Grubb64
62nd - SilverPaul Matt (representing Don Olman)64
73rd - BronzePaul Aspinwall60
83rd - BronzePaul C. Aspinwall60
93rd - BronzeThomas O. Sanderson60


Event #24-Bowling – Schwoeglers Entertainment Center

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldIvy H DowdF612F65-69
21st - GoldJanis E. SchneebergF644F70-74
32nd - SilverJo Ann Hoffman-mayF643F70-74
43rd - BronzeLynn F. ChristensenF560F70-74
51st - GoldJoyce BeranekF700F75-79
61st - GoldBelle H. StephensonF620F80-84
72nd - SilverMary Jane KleinF598F80-84
81st - GoldEmy ImhoffF678F85&up
91st - GoldTony PenaM699M50-54
101st - GoldDavid D. CarterM524M60-64
111st - GoldRobert G. EvelandM727M65-69
122nd - SilverEdward R. GryzyngerM593M65-69
131st - GoldSilas JohnsonM637M70-74
141st - GoldBob A FrambsM719M75-79
151st - GoldPatrick CampbellM608M80-84
162nd - SilverJohn Qa SmithM585M80-84


Event #25-Horseshoes

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJohn C. SchultzMGold Duette (3-0)Open
21st - GoldRalph C. YearousMGold Duette (3-0)Open
32nd - SilverGerry F. NelsonMSilver Duette (2-1)Open
42nd - SilverDoug ClevenMSilver Duette (2-1)Open
53rd - BronzeWilliam(bill) W. SmithMBronze Duette (1-2)Open
63rd - BronzeDonald HoeppnerMBronze Duette (1-2)Open


Event #26-Tennis Singles (Men/Women)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldCarol J. PolipnickFDiv 1*
22nd - SilverMaribeth MohrFDiv 1*
31st - GoldDavid KnowlesMDiv 1*
42nd - SilverBrian HendricksonMDiv 1*
53rd - BronzePaul A LundMDiv 1*
61st - GoldJerry L. CappsMDiv 2**
72nd - SilverDonald HoeppnerMDiv 2**
83rd - BronzeJames H StellhornMDiv 2**


Event #27-Tennis Mixed Doubles

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldRita D. Amundson / Frank W. KilpatrickDiv 1*
22nd - SilverLinda R. Bolles / Dan M. PowellDiv 1*
33rd - BronzeKari Knowles / David KnowlesDiv 1*
41st - GoldMaribeth Mohr / Jerry L. CappsDiv 2**
52nd - SilverIvy Dowd / Donald HoeppnerDiv 2**


Event #28-Cards Euchre – Middleton Senior Center

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldDonald W. Olman
22nd - SilverDebra Rogers
33rd - BronzeJohn M Gregorich


Event #29-Basketball Free Throw

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldKaren L. JergF13/25F65-69
21st - GoldKenneth FunmakerM16/25M55-59
31st - GoldA. Philip (phil) JergM22/25M60-64
41st - GoldPeter E. MatiashM21/25M65-69
52nd - SilverBill T. BessireM19/25M65-69
61st - GoldPaul C. AspinwallM13/25M70-74
72nd - SilverJames F TlustyM6/25M70-74
81st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM13/25 (tie)M75-79
91st - GoldJames H StellhornM13/25 (tie)M75-79
101st - GoldBob Mc CoidM23/25M75-79(PA)


Event #30-Basketball Hot Shots

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldKenneth FunmakerM35/125M55-59
21st - GoldPhillip A JergM75/125M60-64
31st - GoldBill T. BessireM60/125M65-69
42nd - SilverPeter E. MatiashM40/125M65-69
51st - GoldJames F TlustyM45/125M70-74
61st - GoldJames H StellhornM50/125M75-79
72nd - SilverJohn C. SchultzM40/125M75-79
81st - GoldBob Mc CoidM120/125M75-79(PA)


Event #31-Basketball 3 Point Shot

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldKenneth FunmakerM4/10M55-59
21st - GoldPhillip A JergM6/10M60-64
31st - GoldBill T. BessireM7/10M65-69
41st - GoldJames F TlustyM4/10M70-74
51st - GoldJohn C. SchultzM3/10 (tie)M75-79
61st - GoldJames H StellhornM3/10 (tie)M75-79
71st - GoldBob Mc CoidM9/10M75-79(PA)


Event #32-Cards Sheepshead

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldThomas G. Reppen46
22nd - SilverSteve Hoffmaster23
33rd - BronzeDavid R. Derr17


Event #33-Tennis Doubles (Men)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldDan M. Powell / Bob BatesMDiv 1*
21st - GoldGeorge M Alexander / Ted W StehlyMDiv 2**
32nd - SilverDonald Hoeppner / Jerry CappsMDiv 2**
42nd - SilverDonald Hoeppner / Brian HendricksonMDiv 2**
53rd - BronzeJim H Stellhorn / Paul A LundMDiv 2**


Event #34-Tennis Doubles (Women)

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldLinda R Bolles / Carol J. PolipnickFDiv 1*
22nd - SilverDebra J. Silvis / Krisan SchillingFDiv 1*
33rd - BronzeMarina N. Hann / Kathy M AndersenFDiv 1*


Event #35-Bowling – Ten Pin Alley, Fitchburg

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldIvy H DowdF578F65-69
21st - GoldJo Ann Hoffman-mayF605F70-74
31st - GoldJoyce BeranekF549F75-79
41st - GoldEmy ImhoffF611F85&up
51st - GoldTony PenaM597M50-54
61st - GoldDavid D. CarterM622M60-64
71st - GoldEdward R. GryzyngerM669M65-69
82nd - SilverRobert G. EvelandM636M65-69
93rd - BronzeDennis E DowdM626M65-69
101st - GoldRussell W. CraneM578M70-74
111st - GoldBob A FrambsM563M75-79
121st - GoldJohn Qa SmithM592M80-84


Event #36-Softball-Slow Pitch

#PlaceNameTeam NameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldWayne Stapleford et al.Milwaukee Michaels
22nd - SilverMike McCarthy et al.El Rey's
33rd - BronzeRichard Egan et al.Maroon Misfits


Event #37-Swimming 25 Breast Stroke

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldAnna FaberF44.0970-79
22nd - SilverSally DempseyF44.5570-79
31st - GoldMarilyn BuechnerF39.6680-89
42nd - SilverMary SchickF43.9680-89
51st - GoldBob H. ClarkM18.3560-69
62nd - SilverTom EffenheimM23.3060-69
71st - GoldJohn BaumannM36.1680-89


Event #38-Swimming 50 Breast Stroke

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldAnna FaberF1:27.5070-79
22nd - SilverSally DempseyF1:37.8170-79
31st - GoldMarilyn BuechnerF1:33.8280-89
42nd - SilverMary SchickF1:34.1180-89
51st - GoldBob H. ClarkM41.5360-69
62nd - SilverTom EffenheimM47.8760-69


Event #39-Swimming 25 Back Stroke

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldAnna FaberF36.0370-79
21st - GoldMarilyn BnechnerF33.5380-89
32nd - SilverMary SchickF42.2880-89
41st - GoldTom EffenheimM22.1060-69
51st - GoldJohn BaumannM27.5880-89


Event #40-Swimming 50 Back Stroke

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldMarilyn BuechnerF1:15.5680-89
21st - GoldTom EffenheimM47.2160-69
31st - GoldJohn BaumannM1:01.8880-89
42nd - SilverMaurice BetterM1:59.3880-89


Event #41-Swimming 25 Free Style

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldSally DempseyF31.5070-79
22nd - SilverAnna FaberF38.7970-79
31st - GoldMarilyn BuechnerF28.2280-89
42nd - SilverMary ShickF29.3280-89
51st - GoldBob H. ClarkM14.0960-69
62nd - SilverTom EffenheimM17.5960-69
71st - GoldJohn BaumannM20.9880-89


Event #42-Swimming 50 Free Style

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldSally DempseyF1:08.7870-79
21st - GoldMary SchickF1:01.2180-89
31st - GoldBob H. ClarkM34.5860-69
42nd - SilverTom EffenheimM41.3860-69
51st - GoldJohn BaumannM50.8580-89
62nd - SilverMaurice BetterM1:18.3580-89


Event #43-Bowling – Bowl-A-Vard, Madison

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldCarol A. BecraftF623F65-69
21st - GoldAlinda J NelsonF650F70-74
32nd - SilverJo Ann Hoffman-mayF457F70-74
41st - GoldJoyce BeranekF620F75-79
51st - GoldEmy ImhoffF684F85&up
61st - GoldTony PenaM738M50-54
71st - GoldDavid D. CarterM701M60-64
82nd - SilverDave ShawM674M60-64
91st - GoldRobert G. EvelandM613M65-69
102nd - SilverPaul L HustingM575M65-70
111st - GoldRussell W. CraneM508M70-74
121st - GoldFloyd C. BecraftM608M75-79
132nd - SilverBob A FrambsM569M75-79
141st - GoldPatrick CampbellM643M80-84
152nd - SilverJohn Q SmithM507M80-84


Event #44-Golf 9 Holes

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldMarsha JafferisF5760-70
22nd - SilverKate A FrambsF5760-70
31st - GoldLee GrubbF55Over 70
42nd - SilverDelores S SagamiF70Over 70
51st - GoldTom E GatzkeM4560-70
62nd - SilverWarren R HonkolaM4960-70
73rd - BronzeJack SorensonM5560-70
81st - GoldGeorge E. CondonM5070-80
92nd - SilverReggie J. HennesseyM5470-80
101st - GoldRalph C. YearousM4681-85
111st - GoldDon GrubbM43over 85


Event #45-Cards Euchre – Warner Park Community Center

#PlaceNameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJohn M Gregorich
22nd - SilverFrederick Kasten
33rd - BronzeJohn Neupert


Event #46-Bowling – Waun-A-Bowl, Waunakee

#PlaceNameGenderMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJo Ann Hoffman-mayF603F70-74
22nd - SilverAlinda J NelsonF572F70-74
31st - GoldEmy ImhoffF617F85plus
41st - GoldRobert G. EvelandM634M65-69
51st - GoldBob A FrambsM589M75-79
61st - GoldDonald L. WolfM594M85Plus


Event #47-Basketball (3 on 3)

#PlaceNameTeam NameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldDonald Hoeppner et al.Hoeppner CPA 80M80-89
21st - GoldTim Vanderboom et al.Mamiesautomatic winM60-69
31st - GoldMr. Milwaukee et al.Milwaukee ShootersM50-59
41st - GoldMike Weinecke et al.Oldies but Goodies(tie)M70-79
51st - GoldMonti Hottmann et al.Shoe Box(tie)M70-79
62nd - SilverTom Reilly et al.Levy CenterM70-79
72nd - SilverRandal St. Louis et al.Wisconsin SwishM50-59
83rd - BronzeTim Vanderboom et al.Mamiesfor funM50-59
93rd - BronzeMike Fogarty et al.Windy CityM70-79


Event #48-Volleyball (men)

#PlaceNameGenderTeam NameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldJeff Wilder et al.MMad City
22nd - SilverJim Dummert et al.MMiddleAgers
33rd - BronzeArt Mawhinney et al.MAged Wisconsin Cheddar


Event #49-Volleyball (women)

#PlaceNameGenderTeam NameMarkAge Range
11st - GoldGuadalupe Simons et al.FSenior Setters
22nd - SilverJudy Grzegorski et al.FAARP
33rd - BronzeJody Collins et al.FBack for More