Specific Event Requirements

(updated April 4, 2019)

All Events:
Please check in at your event location at least 30 minutes before the event
is scheduled to begin.

Basketball (3 on 3):
Each team must wear shirts of identical color. Gym shoes are required.
Team registration is required.

Be sure to enter your bowling average on the registration form.

If you desire specific tee time or to play with a pre-arranged foursome,
call Mark Hanson, 608-239-8332 before June 4th.

There are doubles and mixed doubles events. There will be three age divisions: 50-59,
60-69, and 70 and over. Please come one-half hour early. Nets and balls are provided.

Slow Pitch Softball:
This is a team sport played under Senior Softball Slow Pitch Rules. There will be two age
divisions: 50-64 and 65 and over. Please note: In addition to the individual
registration form, a team registration form is also required.
No metal spikes allowed. Game balls will be furnished. Teams must furnish all
other equipment.

Table Tennis:
Bring your own paddles if you have them.

For 2019, tennis will be men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles only.
Partner’s name must be included on registration form. “Best of 8” games with no add
serving. Each player serves twice, 8 games are thus played. If a match is tied 4-4, players
will take turns serving a point, first team to score 4 points wins the match.

Arrive to Powless Tennis Center by 10am for sign-in, payment of on-site fee, and instructions for the event.
Matches will start at 10:30am and the event(s) will conclude by 1pm depending on number of participants.
The match format will be Best of 8 games with no-add serving.  If a match is tied at 4-4, one more game will be played to determine the winner.
If high number of participants, brackets will be set up based on age and/or skill level.  If low number of participants, a round robin will be played.

Track & Field:
Track will start at 9:00AM. Everyone should check-in for all track events before
8:45AM. Any track events following the first one may run up to 10 minutes ahead of
time or delay as needed. 800m Race walk rules will be announced between 5-10 minutes
before the start. The basic walk rule is rather casual: power-walk with one foot on the
ground at all times. We are not following IAAF/championship rules such as advancing
leg shall be straightened (no bent knee). Track awards immediately follow the 800m race
walk. Participants should check-in prior to 10:15AM for all field events. The standing
long jump will be conducted first at 10:35AM, and then the remaining four events at
11AM will all run in parallel.

Co-ed sixes draw tourney. Sign up as an individual, teams will be drawn at random,
with considerations including position, age, and gender. The goal will be to form as
balanced teams as possible for enjoyable competition. Teams will play a round-robin with medals
awarded to winners. We then plan to conduct another draw to form new teams for
variety and play another round, with additional medals awarded.

Please note:
Wisconsin Senior Games reserves the right to combine age and gender brackets, or to cancel events due to limited registrations.